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Create Delight!

At W.E. Brown, we’ve been providing a full complement of home comfort services in the Charlottesville area since 1922. Our experienced electricians can quickly troubleshoot and repair issues and offer reliable advice on system upgrades and enhancements that will increase your comfort and your safety.

dimmer switch

Trusted Electrician And Electrical Repair Services In Charlottesville.

  • General electric repair
  • Service upgrades
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Switch and receptacle replacements and upgrades
  • Whole-home re-wires
  • New circuit installations
  • Underground electric installation and repair
  • Standby generator repair and installation
  • Upgrades to interior and exterior lighting
  • Whole-home electrical inspection
  • Wiring repair

Electrical Upgrades For Instant Gratification.

W.E. Brown can help you with enhancements and upgrades that keep you even comfier! You’d be amazed at the difference a (smart) dimmer switch can make. Softer lighting creates instant comfort and relaxation.

Generac Generator with Transfer Switch

Whole-Home Generators To Keep You Running.

Power outages can be stressful and can leave your home or business without access to necessities. At W.E. Brown, we understand the critical importance of maintaining power. We provide a full line of generators that keep you up and running even during prolonged outages. Our skilled technicians install and maintain top-of-the-line backup generators to guarantee reliable power for your family, your customers, and your business operations. At W.E. Brown, we sell and install systems that feed directly into your electrical panel, turning on automatically during a power outage. These advanced electrical systems are located outside and use their own fuel tanks to produce electricity for the duration of the power outage. Automatic generators are just that —automatic. You will never have to think about being without power, so your comfort is never compromised.

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We Sell, Install, And Service A Variety Of Generators:

  • Generac, Honeywell, and other major brands
  • Natural gas and liquid propane fueled models
  • An extensive range of sizes and configurations
  • Whole-home systems or backup for critical circuits only
  • Systems that allow remote monitoring to ensure operation when it is needed most
  • Scalable systems for business use, including single and tandem generators

Tailored Comfort Solutions.

W.E. Brown is committed to your comfort on every level. Our electricians and technical staff will work with you to provide the most effective solutions to your home comfort needs without breaking your budget. And, it’s easy to apply for financing, subject to credit approval. Comfort upgrades can be easily achieved!

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Maintenance Pays!

Leave it to us with our Service Partner Plan. We want to be sure you get comfy and stay that way. Join the W.E. Brown family and we’ll manage your home comfort systems and keep them running at peak performance. The best news: This spells savings and energy efficiencies for you! Choose monthly or annual payment options. Call us to sign up and start relaxing today. We’ve got this!

Service Partner Plan  

At W.E. Brown, we offer a full line of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, and HVAC and related services —maintenance and installation —for your home comfort and new construction and commercial buildings as well.