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Automate Your Comfort.

Your home is your sanctuary —your ultimate comfort zone. W.E. Brown will help you to create and control your own world of comfort. With our state-of-the-art Smart Home technology, you can tailor an integrated system that puts comfort, convenience, and security as close as your cell phone or mobile device. And, if you’re like most of us, that’s right at your fingertips.

Smart Home Comfort Enhancements.

Lighting programs – Turn on/off, dim
Window and door monitoring/security sensors
Smart receptacles/switches – Turn on/off items plugged there
Motion detectors – Indoor/outdoor
Cameras – Indoor/outdoor
Garage Door – Open/close/monitor
Door locks
Water – Shuts off water if a leak is detected

Carrier Infinity Thermostat

Fully Customizable Smart Technology.

W.E. Brown proudly offers the home automation Côr system —a system that truly puts you in control of your home comfort, no matter where you are. It’s fully customizable and it’s beautifully simple. Our trained technicians will install your Côr home automation technology and help you to create a system that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Your sleek Côr Hub is the central controller that powers the system, connecting wirelessly through the Internet to every home comfort component that you designate —lights, door locks, cameras, thermostat, door and window sensors, smoke alarms —the comfort applications are nearly limitless. A mobile app. That is free to download gives you instant remote access to all your systems from any device, and from virtually any location.

You can even write a script to personalize your automation. “If I’ve left home and my cell phone is a mile away, lock the house.” “When the back door opens, record on this camera.” Your teenager won’t be able to sneak in late anymore, and you’ll never worry that you’ve forgotten to lock a door or turn off the coffeemaker. W.E. Brown will help you to create comfort that suits your needs.


Wife working late? No worries! Welcome her home with lights that come on as she arrives, and stay on until she is safely settled in bed.

Business appointment keeping you from meeting your repairman? No problem! Our sophisticated system will allow you to unlock your door remotely. Your camera will record the repairman entering and leaving, and you’ll get a text when he’s come and gone.

Life just got simpler and safer —more comfortable... And, there is no monthly fee unless you want professional monitoring. Financing is also available. Call for an appointment to discuss our 12 months, same as cash deal.

If you’re not quite ready to install a fully integrated system, as long as you have the Côr hub, W.E. Brown can help you to choose individual components available through Z-Wave. Most are so simple you can add them yourself. But, we’re always here to help.

Remember, at W.E. Brown, we’re committed to your comfort. We’ll help you to create the ideal ambiance inside and outside your home through trusted advice, and installation and repair of all your home comfort systems: plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical. After all, we’ve been serving Charlottesville and neighboring counties for 96 years. At W.E. Brown, we’ve been doing things right for a long time. We’re certainly not going to stop now!