Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Growth-Oriented Philosophy.

Our home comfort solutions are, of course, what we do, but it is our innovative and responsive customer service that creates the ease of working with the W.E. Brown team.

At the beginning of 2018, W.E. Brown instituted Service Titan — a new customer service software platform, and it has received unprecedented support from both our customers and our employees.

We can now provide multiple methods of communication, so you can choose to receive important messages via e-mail or text. We are responding to your communication preferences so that you receive the information you want in the way you want to receive it. For example (for release in 2019) the dispatching notification system will allow you to see the service technician’s progress on a map, so you’ll know exactly when your tech will arrive.

Internally, our new software platform has dramatically increased the productivity and efficiency of the Call Center representatives. Not only does existing customer profile information immediately populate Call Center computers, but our reps. have quote information, previous emails, etc. at their fingertips —reducing time on the telephone and giving the customer confidence in the entire process. Service technicians are also benefitting from the new program. Techs can listen to the calls with customers so they are better prepared to meet your specific needs when they arrive at your home.

Service Titan also allows for new updates and enhancements; the software support available to our customer service team ensures that we are using the system to its full capacity.

Another facet of our enhanced customer service is our membership in Nexstar. Nexstar is an industry forum that provides unparalleled opportunities for networking and for sharing business best practices and success strategies through training classes, leadership events, and continuing education. Through our membership, W.E. Brown stays on the leading edge of the home comfort industry. And, our increased knowledge and expertise means better service for you!

W.E. Brown’s growth-oriented philosophy is to continually improve our customer service and keep our valued clients comfortable on every level with the most innovative home comfort solutions.

With Nexstar and Service Titan, W.E. Brown is always in pursuit of increasing customer satisfaction.