Thursday, October 30, 2014
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I am a good employee because I am knowledgeable in my trade, always have an upbeat attitude, and i am always striving for knowledge. I always have the best intrest of the company as well as the customer in mind when I am on the job.

B Collins

I enjoy working for W.E.Brown  it is a wonderful place to work.  I really don't know how to sell myself except for the work I've done. I get the calls to do a job when no one else can do it. I have joyful conversion  with customers and can break it down what's wrong and how to fix it so the customer will understand. I have been doing all the back flows for 7 years and the whirlpools.

J Geer

I try to meet what is best for the customer, safety is a must, my dedication with the customer is a pritory.

K Nordstrom

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Extending Customer Solutions

Service Today knows the key to excellence in business is customer satisfaction Service Today Residential Viewand that providing online service is an approach to extending our clients an experience to include more than just home improvement. We are providing the resources to research products, manufacturers, energy efficiency, home safety and a multiplicity of other features to impact our personal - service focus and to ensure that the process of achieving home comfort is easier than ever before.  read more

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Creating Solutions and Opportunities

In today's competitive environment it is essential to have the resources and support from subcontractors to provide clients the finest products available at a

competitive cost hat is delivered in the time promised. Service Today, Inc. has always taken a proactive position in creating opportunities for our General Contracting clients and their customers.  We recognize that we are only as successful as the project and its participants.   read more

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Business Development Support

We are committed to providing access to information on our industry and the products that we provide. To support our full range of services we utilize computerized estimating specific to each industry, state of the art automated fabrication equipment and a complete AutoCAD (computer aided engineering) design system.

This package of technological support allows us to coordinate and utilize the drawing package prepared by the project design professional or the design and build partners, providing improved accuracy and increased production efficiencies and coordination over traditional methods of design, fabrication and installation.   read more

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